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A certificate has been awarded to Parish Councillor Keith Gowland by Kent Association of Local Councils (KALC) Community Awards Scheme 2017, for commitment to serving the Communities of Guston and Whitfield for many years.

The award was approved and authorised by the High Sheriff of Kent and the Chairman of Kent County Council.

This prestigious award takes into account the history of work and achievements by the nominated candidate, in recognising what has been accomplished to improve the quality of life for the communities of Guston and Whitfield.

Keith Gowland has served his two Parishes tirelessly over the years, not forgetting he  chairs and serves on other committees, within the Dover District Council  area.

County Councillor Geoffrey Lymer said ” Over the past ten or more years I have had the good fortune to work with Keith regularly. He  continually gains my admiration and respect with his dedication, loyalty and commitment. A personable character who is ideally suited to his rôle of serving Guston and Whitfield community.”



Due to the resignation of Cllr. Morecroft there is now a vacancy on the Parish Council. Please use the above link for further details.

This site is intended to be a community information hub. We provide links to information about the Parish Council and how it functions, including Minutes of meetings. Additionally there are links to other useful bodies under ‘Useful Links‘ section.


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Work is underway again! Keep your eye on the progress!


Please feel free to let us know what you think of the site and pass on any suggestions or articles you would like included. We are particularly keen to have copies of any photographs of Guston and the Parish, especially Burgoyne Heights.

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Queen’s Garden Party

24th May 2016

Cllr. Tracey Creed BEM and Mr Nathan Creed attended the Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Fabulous treat and well deserved!









Latest news and updates

Work is now progressing fast on this project. As you will have seen the solar panels have been installed on the roof and work is now underway inside.

The pictures below show the new flooring being laid along with insulation. Scott Morecroft has been working hard to maintain the momentum and liasing with both DDC and contractors to keep the work on track.

The new windows and doors have been ordered.  The height of the windows in the rear room will be dropped so when the new suspended ceiling goes in we are only heating to the new lower height and not all the way to the ceiling.  John Adams, another Guston resident is supplying the new beams for the windows that need dropping.


 The old floors have been ripped up and currently being replaced  back to joists and plates, there was evidence of woodworm, so  the decision was made to strip the floors right back to plates (These are the timbers which the joists  sit on) and install new damp course under the plates which was not evident under the old floor.  Most of the materials have been or currently being delivered for the floors and these have been paid for. 




The electrician will get started asap.  Before  the floor covering goes down his cables can be laid under the floor which goes with pipes for the plumber to fix whilst the floors are exposed.

Once the flooring is secure  all the exterior walls will be battened and put 50mm insulation between the battens up to ceiling height which will insulate all the walls as there is no cavity.  Timber has been ordered for this.  Once the walls are insulated and the electrician has done his first fix the main halls can have plasterboard applied and then there will be a blank canvas on which to work.   The suspended ceilings will have insulation laid across them which means then we have in theory an insulated box which should be cheaper to heat and run which is when the solar panels begin their work.






Latest Guston News

Three heritage projects in the Dover district secured a total of £93,400 from the Coastal Revival Fund which is designed to help communities to start the work to bring back into use historic buildings. Included in this is Fort Burgoyne.

Please use this link to access further information